Hours of Operation:
The ACT Office is open
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday
After regular business hours, ACT providers are available by contacting the Crisis Line at

What Is ACT?
The Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Program provides intensive services to consumers with a serious and persistent mental illness. Services are individually designed through the Person Centered Planning Process to assist consumers in reaching their desired outcomes. Services are intensive and frequent enough to reduce need for hospitalization and to support consumers with remaining in their communities.

Who Will I See?
ACT is a multidisciplinary approach, and you will work with a team consisting of: a Psychiatrist, a Therapist, a Nurse, a Case Manager, a Peer Support Specialist, an Employment Specialist, and a Community Living Support Personnel.

When and Where Will We Meet?
Most consumers receive services weekly, and more often, as needed. The preferred meeting place for services is in your home and/or in the community. You will meet with the Psychiatrist on a monthly basis, in the CMH office.

What will Take Place When I meet ACT?
When you meet with your providers, you and your team will be guided by your Person Centered Plan, developed by you. This plan will identify Goals that you wish to achieve. Your Goals will be broken down into smaller steps, called Objectives. Your meetings with ACT providers will participate in activities that will support you with reaching your desired Goals.
ACT providers will meet with you regularly to support you with medication management and to educate you on your diagnosis, potential symptoms, how to tell when your medication is effective, and how to monitor for side effects. These visits will decrease over time, as you develop skills needed to monitor your symptoms and manage your medications independently.

Services and supports include, but are not limited to, the following:
 Case Management
 Nursing Support
 Health Education
 Peer Supports and Community Living Supports
 Education on Budgeting and Money Management
 Linking and Coordinating to Housing and Other Benefits
 Skill Building to Support Activities of Daily Living
 Developing Social Skills
 Vocational Supports
 Individual Therapy
 Family Therapy
 Family Education and Support
 Education and Support with Medication Management
 Psychiatric Consultation
 Co-Occurring Counseling
 24-hour Crisis Services
 Transportation Assistance to Mental Health Services

How Long will I receive ACT Services?
The length of time you receive ACT services will depend on an ongoing assessment of your needs, the availability of supports and your desired outcomes. Once you reach a point where less intensive services are required to meet your needs, then the process of transitioning to Case Management can begin. Some consumers require a brief period of intensive services, while others may require the ACT supports for a number of years.

If you feel you that you could benefit from ACT services, please contact the CMH office to request an intake appointment and begin your road to recovery today.