Outpatient Children

Children’s counseling works to identify and treat problems. Therapy is accomplished through activities, games and discussions. Our services are geared to children with severe disabilities and their families. The goal is to improve psychological functionality, reduce maladaptive behavior, maximize skills in behavioral self control and to enhance family and community functioning. A child and adolescent psychiatrist is available if medically necessary.
Therapy is available for:

  • Behavioral disorders
  • Depression
  • Suicidal feelings or actions
  • Sexual abuse
  • Clinical Services

Community Based Children
Respite Care:
This service provides care on a temporary basis for children with severe emotional disturbances or developmental disabilities because of absence or the need for relief of the parent or primary care giver. This is offered in the home or other sites as needed.
Home-Based Services:
When traditional therapy is not working, and the family is showing no improvement, intensive service can be provided at home and in the community. This treatment is based on the needs of the child with the focus on the family unit.