Health Services Professionals provide a variety of health services. These services include treatment and monitoring.
Primary Care Coordinator
The Primary Care Coordinator using the person-centered process assists in identifying and implementing support strategies. Support strategies incorporate the principles of empowerment, community inclusion, health and safety assurances, and the use of natural supports.

Services include:

  • Advocating
  • Assessment
  • Evaluation
  • Service Planning
  • Follow-up
  • Linking to other services at Community Mental Health and other agencies
  • School issues
  • Monitoring
  • Community Living Supports- CLS workers assist with ADL and household activities, facilitating attendance and participation in community activities and in using community services and resources.

Respite Care
Respite care is provided to families caring for adults and children. This service is provided on a short term basis. This care can be given in a Foster Care Home or in the family home.

Family Support Subsidy Program
It is a cash subsidy to support and maintain family relationships for children with severe disabilities. It enables families to stay together, allowing them the flexibility to purchase goods and/or services that best meet the needs of their children and families.

Community Education Consultation and Training
The staff of Community Mental Health is available to speak to groups and organizations. We offer information for community members about mental health topics.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy is the art and science of helping an individual achieve their maximum level of independence.

Evaluations include:

  • Gross motor skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Cognitive
  • Sensory
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
  • Social/interpersonal skills
  • Adaptive Equipment/Durable Medical Equipment

Nursing Services
Nursing services are provided for the purpose of improving the consumer’s overall health and ability to care for health related needs.

Services include:

  • Assessment
  • Monitoring
  • Observation

Medical Services

Physicians provide primary health care for consumers

Rehabilitation Services
The goal of rehabilitation services is to improve a person’s ability to function in the community.

Peer Support Services
The Peer Delivered Program is a place of mutual support. It is a safe haven for people with emotional and mental disabilities as well as developmental disabilities. The focus is to provide an opportunity for socialization, recreation and personal growth.

The Peer Delivered Support Services provide an opportunity for individuals with mental illness and or developmental disabilities to learn coping skills, self advocacy, and ways to build and enhance self esteem and self confidence. The goal is to achieve community inclusion, participation, recovery and productivity.

Pre-Vocational Services
Supported Employment and the Mobile Work Crew.

Employment Services
Highline Corporation is a contracted service providing work and day programming activities. Emphasis is on developing pre-vocational skills.

Supported Employment gives consumers with disabilities the chance to be part of their community. Staff gives assistance to employers through identifying potential jobs within their businesses. This may include interviewing, hiring and training. Consumers are hired as employees and receive pay, benefits and supervision directly from the employer.

The Mobile Work Crew provides a stepping stone to community employment for many consumers. They become employees of Community Mental Health and provide lawn/janitorial services at Community Mental Health and other sites in the community. A mobile work crew employee is able to earn a competitive wage, develop a work history and learn job skills. This experience will help him/her to accomplish future vocational goals.

Specialized Residential Services
These homes provide personal care and community living supports for those requiring an intensive/supportive living situation.

The success of Community Mental Health Residential Services is based on a person-centered plan to fit the needs of the residents.

When a consumer no longer requires the services or supervision provided at one level of care, efforts are made to place them in a less restrictive home setting.

Homes are licensed and inspected by the:

  • Department of Consumer Industries
  • Inspected and accredited by CARF
  • Department of Community Health (DCH)

Person-Centered Planning
Person-Centered planning helps a person build upon their ability to participate in activities that promote community life. This planning honors the person’s preferences, choices and abilities. The planning process can involve families, friends and professionals.

Self Determination
CMH offers Self-Determination as an option for consumers. Self-determination incorporates a set of concepts and values that emphasize a core belief that people who require support from the public mental health system as a result of a disability should take part in defining what they need in terms of the life they seek, have access to meaningful choices, and assume personal control over their lives. Self-determination is based on five principles: Freedom, Authority, Support,Responsibility, and confirmation. Those interested in participating in Self-Determination may request this option through their case manager.

Independent Facilitation
The Michigan Department of Community Health has established the consumer’s right to seek help from a neutral person to facilitate their Person-Centered Plan (PCP). An Independent Facilitator (IF) is an individual who will facilitate the negotiation of a mutually responsible PCP between the consumer and the provider organization. CMH offers Independent Facilitation as an option to persons receiving services, except those receiving short term outpatient services, medication services, or substance abuse services. Consumers may access this option through their case manager.

Volunteer Services
Volunteer Friendship Program involves people from the community volunteering their time to work and socialize with the individuals we provide services to. Volunteers help with various activities in a group setting or individually.

Consumer Volunteer Helping Hands Program places consumers at various businesses and organizations in the community. Consumers may be assisted in their placements by staff or by working on their own.