Gogebic Community Mental Health Authority is committed to the establishment of a corporate culture that promotes the prevention, detection, and resolution of instances of conduct that do not conform to the law, rules, regulations, or to organizational policies such as code of ethics, billing standards of conduct, conflict of interest, financial reporting, or suspected fraud, waste, and abuse.


If YOU, in good faith, suspect or know that law, rules, regulations or organizational policies have been violated, you should report the violation to:

Micki Sorensen, Compliance Liaison

Community Mental Health Authority

103 West U.S. 2

Wakefield, MI 49968

1-906-229-6105 (voice messages are confidential) Email to:

You may also report any violations to a Supervisor, a Program Director, or the CEO.

Recipient Rights Officer/ HIPAA Privacy Officer Kristina Potesta 906-229-6104 ~

HIPAA Security Officer Tom Ruppe 906-229-6112 ~,


Community Mental Health Authority is a member of the NorthCare Network and reports of violations can also be made directly to NorthCare’s Compliance Officer:

NorthCare Network, ATTN: Stacy Coleman, MA, Compliance Officer

1230 Wilson Street

Marquette, MI 49855

(open door policy at address above)

P:  888-333-8030 906-936-6843

F:  906-232-1070

(voice messages are confidential) ~


Any individual who wishes to remain anonymous may use NorthCare’s confidential Compliance Helpline to report compliance-related issues or concerns via:

a) Toll free at: 1-844-260-0003

b) The web at: c) Email: (must include provider name and reference NorthCare)

d) Fax to: 215-689-3885 (must include provider name and reference NorthCare)

All reports will be handled as confidentially as practical and/or as allowed by law.


There will be no harassment of or retaliation against employees or others whose reports are made in good faith. Any covered party reporting suspected fraud, waste, or abuse is protected under the Whistleblowers’ Protection Act 469 of 1980. All reports of wrongdoing will be evaluated promptly, thoroughly, and fairly by persons having sufficient level of expertise and knowledge with regard to the issue presented by the reporter. Reports may be made anonymously.