How To:  You received an ecrypted email from Gogebic Community Mental Health 

Adobe Reader is recommended for opening encrypted .pdf attachments. You may be unable to view additional attachments viewed in your browser. 

If you have previously registered an account with our encryption solution, please skip to step 6.


Step 1: Email in your inbox


Step 2: Open email and click the highlighted HERE link


Step 3: Your browser may advise that “your connection is not private” Please proceed, as this is a secure, encrypted communication from Gogebic Community Mental Health


Step 4: Fill out the registration form as directed. The Red X will change to green check as you complete the form correctly


Step 5: After you Register, you will receive this message…


Step 6: You will then receive the actual encrypted message….


Step 7: Click to open the message. The encrypted message will display as a .pdf attachment



Step 8: Enter the password you created in Step 4 above


Step 9 : The message should open in your .pdf reader.  If an additional attachment (such as a spreadsheet or word document) is included, be sure to click on the paperclip to open.


Step 10: The encrypted email will allow you to “reply” to the sender


If you have any questions, contact:

Gogebic Community Mental Health IT Department: 906-229-6113