What Are Home Based Services?
Home based services are designed to
provide intensive services to children and their families who have multiple service needs and may benefit from a range of men-tal health services.
This service style is family driven/youth– guided approach; emphasizing strength– based, culturally relevant interventions, team work, and connection with community resources.

Goals of Home Based Services:
-Support families in meeting their child’s developmental needs.
-Support and preserve families
-Reunite families who have beenseparated
-Provide effective treatment and connec-tion to community supports in order to reduce risks that may increase the likelihood of a child being placed outside the home.

Who can access Home BaseServices?
Children and adolescents, along with their families, ages 0-21. Specific admission criteria varies slightly dependent on age.
Parents identified as having a mental health condition that places children at risk to need their own mental health programming

General Criteria;
-Children with emotional, intellectual, or behavioral disorder that meets diagnostic criteria; and is not solely the result of a developmental disability.
-Substantial barriers or difficulty with age appropriate tasks or skills.
-Difficulty regulating emotions

Home Based services take place in the home, or in the community. Services in the Home Based Program may include:
-Linking consumers to other re-sources that might provide food, housing, medical care, or psychiatric care.
-Family therapy
-Individual therapy
-Skill development (behavior management, conflict resolu-tion, problem solving, anger management)
-School based services
-Substance abuse services
-Positive youth development
-Service coordination
-Medication management and monitoring services.
-Safety planning

Home Based services will be provided to families who meet criteria and are willing to participate in the intensive services Offered. Home Based services are funded by Michigan Medicaid.
North Care Access: 1-888-906-9060