Information about the most recent Michigan Governors Report on January 13th


Iron County Wisconsin Health Department information regarding COVID –


To schedule an appointment for vaccination with the Western UP HD –


Copper Cup is supporting our area seniors during Valentine’s Day – You can send a sweet treat to a nursing home resident here.


Gogebic County DHHS has an allotment of masks (kids and N95 adult sizes) for the community (Gogebic and Ontonagon counties). Please contact Brad Smith if you are in need of masks.


Nonprofit Conference hosted by Grow and Lead is virtual and free –


  • Employee Assistance Grants available –  The governor also announced employee assistance grants for those whose employment has been impacted by the November 18 MDHHS order. This grant program helps offset some of the financial losses they may have incurred due to a furlough, layoff or job loss, or a reduction of hours.
    • Eligible individuals can apply for one-time grants of up to $1,650.
    • There’s a 10-day window to apply for this grant – from January 15 to January 25
    • For details regarding the application process, visit www.MRLAEF.ORG/MONEY



  • Michigan Strategic Fund – Survival Grant for business and nonprofits and artistic venues affected by Covid restrictions will become avaialble


Iron County UW- Extension




Incredible Bank – Kevin Nyquist (

  • 2nd round of Payroll Protection Program available – Incredible bank portal available on Friday (existing clients and previous applicants)


Northlakes Clinic


Great Lakes Recovery

  • The support group for parents of children with mental health concerns.  We are just about ready to start the program.  Probably in February.  See attached poster.
  • West End Suicide Prevention is doing two winter events.  Both open for people across the UP.  First there will be a LIVE Snowman Contest.  People will have a chance to win $100 with this one.  People build a snowman, send a picture and then there will be voting on Facebook the week of February 7th.  The official rules can be found at .
  • Silent Snow Sports for Suicide Prevention is kind of like one of the 5K runs in the summer, but it is happening in the middle of winter.  🙂  And it is not a race.  And it is virtual.  And you can do anything from skiing to snowshoeing to snow biking to hiking to . . . any non-motorized winter sport.  Everyone who enters will receive a LIVE Face Mask.  (I have several different masks, the LIVE one is my favorite, most comfortable.) And then if you send in a picture of yourself taking part in the event, you will be entered into a drawing for one of many prizes.  You can register at:


Gogebic Range Health Foundation