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Retirement Calculator

  • PLEASE NOTE: this retirement calculator is an estimate, your actual benefit will be determined by an actuarial report provided by the Gogebic County Retirement System
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    Fax Number: 906-663-4660
    Lisa Hewitt-Director
    Bridget Braspenick-Administrative Assistant
  • Retirement Calculator

    Enter your YEARS OF SERVICE and FINAL AVERAGE COMPENSATION for an estimate of your retirement benefits Retirement Eligibility - 8 Yrs of service @ Age 60; Yrs of service + Age = 70; 20 Yrs of Service
  • Number of years you have worked for Gogebic Community Mental Health (or qualifying County agency)
  • Final Average Compensation is equal to: Best 3 years of compensation out of last 10 years
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  • Deferred Retirement Option Plan upon completion of FIVE years

  • The Retirement System was established by ordinance adopted by the Board of Supervisors effective June 1, 1946 under the authority of the County Pension Plan Act. The Retirement System Ordinance, together with the applicable bargaining agreements and applicable federal and state law, control and govern the rights and benefits under the Retirement System. The Retirement Commission is vested with the authority and responsibility to administer, manage and operate the Retirement System and may grant only those benefits which are authorized by the provisions of the Retirement System.
    The retirement system is administered by a five-member board of Trustees consisting of: The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners; the Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Board of Commissioners; the County Treasurer, and two members who are elected by the members of the system.
    The Commission proudly serves eligible Gogebic County, Gogebic County Road Commission, Gogebic County Community Mental Health, Grand View Hospital and Manpower active and retired employees.
    The Retirement System has the following professional services:
    Investment Manager: Fund Evaluation Group, LLC – Rocky Doering, Senior Vice President
    Custodian: Charles Schwab
    Actuary: Gabriel, Roeder, & Smith Co.
    Legal: VanOverbeke, Michaud, & Timmony, PC